Who are we?
Because we always like to know from whom we buy from and where we transfer our money when we buy something online, we are happy to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Lien and Silvan Schipper.
Both were born and raised in the Netherlands and since April 2016 living in the Dordogne in France.
Until April 2018 we lived in Montagnac la Crempse in the Perigord pourpre, then moved to Castelnaud la Chapelle in the Perigord noir.

Lien was born in 1969 in Goes, Silvan dates from 1971 and was born in Vlissingen.
Together we are the parents of 3 wonderful dear daughters who all live in the Netherlands, now we are even grandfather and grandmother of a granddaughter.

We started our French life with an adventure that soon ended wrongly, unfortunately not everyone turns out to trust, meanwhile en further one we managed domaine de Pyraine in Issac for almost 2 years and from April' 18 we manage a small holiday park, Féamie called in the hamlet Les Escloux.
It gives us a lot of satisfaction to keep the our trusted domaines in fantastic order and we love to give our guests a fantastic holidayfeeling but after the high season there is quite some time left to do other things.

When we were still living in the Netherlands, Lien propagated perennial plants from her own garden and cultivated vegetable plants and annuals, a hobby that resulted in a mini business.
She was selling her plants at markets in the province of Zeeland and also sold her plants at home.
Always at affordable prices so that they had the opportunity to buy a nice small group of plants at the same time instead of just 1 of each species.

Now that we live here in France and we are constantly surprised by the prices for plants and someone asked us to buy some hedge plants for her in the Netherlands during a visit to there, we good an idea, maybe we could sell hedge plants in the Dordogne?
This is why we registered this activity with the chambre de commerce* in June 2017.
When we moved to the perigord noir we also got the possibility to use a piece of land, so now Lien starts growing plants again so that from 2019 she can also include perennials in the assortment in the webshop.

In October '17 we opened this webshop to make the ordering process of hedge plants easier for the customer.
You can see at a glance which plants can be ordered and what they cost per item.
Larger numbers produce smaller prices and that system doesn't work flawlessly, please contact us via the e-mail which is guaranteed to be answered within 24 hours.

We buy the hedge plants from nurseries in the Netherlands and Belgium and then they are transported fresh to France.
We regularly drive back and forth in the planting season with our van, so we see the children always at once, the knife cuts on two sides!

Are you looking for a manager for your -holiday- home, pool and/or garden or you are looking for hedge plants, with us you are at the right address, we can be of service to you all this and think along with you at all times.
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail, we will reply within 24 hours.

Nice to meet you!

Lien and Silvan Schipper

We have registered our company with the Chambre de commerce under Siretnumber 8304497999900014.

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